RE-ELECT WALSH FOR ORONO MAYOR - Bringing trusted & efficient gov't to Orono

Bringing a wealth of business experience and city business experience to the table. When you want to get something done, choose a proven leader and decision maker as your Orono Mayor.


The last 8 years under my leadership has brought Orono, after years of financial neglect, to a fully funded city. 

- $1,000,000 roads budget that we can now plan with.

- $250,000 parks budget so can we not only maintain our parks, and we can also continue to upgrade our parks.

- Water & sewer funds are now fully self sufficient to be able to keep all of our 40 miles of piping systems safe , secure & up to date.

- The Orono Police & Orono Fire departments have a fully funded capital improvement plan for all of Orono's needs for the foreseable future. They are also fully staffed to protect the Orono residents.

- The Orono Public Works department now has a facility large enough to accomodate all of the equipemnt Orono needs, as well as our Parks department and now a full maintenance facility to be able to service the large fleet of vehicles that the city maintains (Police, Public Works, Parks, Inspections, Fire department...)


The future for Orono is bright & prosperous :)

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